Adnan Bostan Furniture

about us
"We were ambitious in the handicrafts and we started to design classical furniture products in 1968 in a small carpentry works hop Since the very first day our dream has always been to transmit the valued wood carving, kundekari , gilding and marqueterie arts to the next generations, as they were becoming forgotten and lost.

Our pursuit for perfection has always continued on this road of passionate journey and we have managed to preserve our amateur sp iri t. We continue our journey by welcoming our customers at our showroom and continue to carry out production at our integrated factor y a t Istanbul / Altınşehir , which is built on an area of 10.000 sqm . by reflecting the wisdom of the past, the knowledge of today and the vision of tomorrow to our understanding of design.

With the help of our design team as well as the skilled team of architects; We create design projects for houses, offices, hotels, restaurants, hospital areas throughout the world, by analyzing all of the de tails to ensure that every place bears its own spirit to the fullest extent.

We direct our design processes based on the fact that what really matters is the ergonomics, and the form emerges from the funct ion The quality of the materials that we use, the craftsmanship skills of the masters and the gorgeous looks of our furniture product s a re based on the value that we attach to the environment and all living creatures.

Our customers choose us because it is our priority to listen to our customers, to understand and know them better in order to cre ate projects that suit their lives.

The secret of our success and prestige in the global furniture sector is based on the fact that we work with same passion and amb iti on in each new project.