What is Wood Carving?

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Since the day of its foundation, Adnan Bostan Furniture offers services as an expert in the design and applications for all types of rooms.

As the company has grown bigger, its furniture creation and design capacities have also increased. Today Adnan Bostan Furniture has the capacity and skills to furnish each room of any home, with the classical elegance that best defines it. Bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms and even kitchens... All Adnan Bostan furniture products prove their functionalities in their related rooms.

The comfortable chairs and armchairs enrich all living rooms, the big tables host all visitors and the kitchens that are equipped with every possibility will be the heart of your home.

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Wood carving is a technique that adds visual appeal to the wood. It is a specific production process that does not accept mistakes or mental changes. The wood carvers can create every kind of figure by using the wood, thanks to the chisels and the grooves. It is not an easy job; wood carving requires perfect craftsmanship skills, dense concentration and physical power. The stone, marble, ivory, horn, bone, mineral and wood are the general materials for carving; wood is the most common material among them. Carving is a branch of art that is generally categorized into three groups (surface, 3D and cutting) for which various cutting, boring and sculpting tools are used based on the type of the material, such as minkar, gouge, chisel etc. The preferred tree species are walnut, mahogany and pine; although walnut, lime or maple are becoming more preferred as the techniques become improved in time.

Today Adnan Bostan Furniture creates its works by combining the skills of the master carvers with the state of the art technologies. The obtained results are the perfect example for the quality and reliability of all furniture products produced by Adnan Bostan Furniture. The experience, uniqueness and preciseness constitute the real mood of every furniture piece created by Adnan Bostan Furniture; it is not just beauty, but also the sign of a different kind of love.

The whole production process of Adnan Bostan Furniture is carefully supervised at each stage thanks to the highly social and technological studies carried out, in order to obtain the highest level of quality in scope of the hand-crafted creations.

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All wood applications such as the varnishing, polishing and gilding processes are applied by hand. The embellishments that decorate the products of Adnan Bostan Furniture are shaped by the skilled hands of the masters. The modern techniques cannot succeed without the traditional production; the combination of these two different work styles bring along the elegance and peerless results in creativity.

The color tones created by the combination of the complementary tones & the images by using the modern technology brought along the unique upholsteries that add natural appearances to the furniture products. The decoration is a vital element for the furniture pieces. The upholsteries, bronze applications, mother-of-pearl, marble and gilded pieces are the distinguishing marks of Adnan Bostan Furniture, therefore the company always places utmost importance and care for all decorations.

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Adnan Bostan Furniture offers upholsteries for the wooden chairs, armchairs, sofas and bed headboards. This production process is carried out by the skilled masters who approach to each upholstery work meticulously with high precision. All materials from fabric to leather are meticulously combined with the product at high quality level. Adnan Bostan Furniture’s all products are embellished with the thin leather and the natural fibers such as silk and cotton.